Web Development

I'm a full-stack Javascript developer at UC San Diego, with a focus on interaction design and development. My development platform of choice is Node.js.

Recent Freelance Projects


Zombie Match Defense June 2015

Promotional website for an mobile match 3 game


Tunnel Vision - portfolio of Gerald Hardin January 2014

Project-oriented site for a 3D character sculptor


My passion on the side. Check out some recent projects on Carbonmade.


I contribute as an artist to the occasional indie game--these are the most recent completed.

1BB Murder House January 2014

Contributions: game art assets, animator

Ant Warz February 2013

A mobile RTS on the Android platform. No longer available on Google Play.

Contributions: game art assets, animations, promotional art, website

Broadsides June 2012

A 10-week student project. Broadsides is a multiplayer broadside combat arena game, with LAN multiplayer support for up to 8 players.

Contributions: 3D models & textures, UI, promotional art